Within the framework of the National Low-Carbon Strategy, an 81% reduction in greenhouse gasemissions must be achieved by 2050. This particularly concerns the manufacturing sector. The sector has high energy consumption and is dependent on gas to provide the energy for certain processes. Decarbonisation is therefore essential for a greener future and to leave the planet in good condition for our children. This is a major challenge, in which GRDF intends to play an important part.

In response to this strategy, GRDF supports its customers in reducing their consumption and has placed top priority on working to develop green gases, such as biomethane. In parallel, GRDF supports the decarbonisation of gas use in industry by applying three approaches:

  • promoting the widespread use of the most energy-efficient solutions,
  • supporting the development of solutions for the recovery of waste heat on site,
  • supporting the development of systems for Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS).

As a priority, these actions are aimed at the sub-sectors with the highest gas consumption that are connected to the GRDF network. They are industrial sub-sectors where decarbonisation measures must be implemented. This particularly concerns the agri-food industry, the metals industry, and the materials industry.

This call for projects is therefore intended for all companies that could offer solutions to:

  • improve the efficiency of gas systems,
  • recover waste heat in industry,
  • capture the carbon discharged by gas processes, to utilise it or store it

If you are involved in working on one of those issues, do not hesitate to submit your proposal by 30 April 2021! The specification for this call for projects is available here